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Authors: Yunus Cebeci, İdil Dadan, Murat Akça

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Past Proposal Links Consensus Check: discussion, snapshot (passed with 1.1 M UNI in favor) Temperature Check: discussion, snapshot (passed with 31K UNI in favor)

Tldr; 2 catastrophic earthquakes struck Turkiye and North Syria on February 6th, wrecked havoc on 11 cities and devastated a region 12 times the size of Belgium. More than 45,000 people lost their lives, 23 million got affected, and over 202.000* buildings have collapsed, severely damaged or need to be demolished immediately. Only within a few hours, the global crypto community joined forces to send donations to Turkish NGOs working to provide relief efforts. In our proposal, we ask the Uniswap community to takepart in the cause by sending 80K UNI to Anka Relief – a multisig Fund led by web3 industry leaders that will distribute the funds to high-impact NGOs on the ground.



The latest official reports from AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) indicate that only in Turkiye nearly 45,000 people lost their lives and the death toll is expected to increase due to the several aftershocks since the earthquake, which are causing more destruction and further casualties.

The whole world is mobilized to help Turkiye right now. Aid is coming in from foreign governments, international cooperations and Web3 protocols to help the people of Turkiye after the catastrophic earthquakes. So far, proposals have passed on the forums of Cosmos*, 1inch**, CityDAO*** distributing donations to several relief organizations.

* ** ***

Prominent Web3 leaders such as Vitalik*, Hayden Adams** and Sandeep Nailwal*** have also personally donated to the cause. * ** ***

Because of the large damage area of the earthquake, Turkiye will need a sustainable support system and all the help it can get for the long term.

As members of the Uniswap Turkish community, we have done our due diligence and research to choose the best option to direct our donation. We have chosen Anka Relief Fund as a prospect receiver of UNI donations. You can find detailed information about Anka Relief Fund, under the specification & rationale section.

If the proposal passes, this donation will touch thousands of lives, especially significantly improving the future well-being of children. 8 million active crypto traders in Turkiye will surely not forget such a donation from Uniswap, which will have an enormous positive impact on the relationship between Uniswap and the Turkish crypto ecosystem.


Thanks to your support, we passed the temperature check to donate to an established and trusted Turkish NGO working on the earthquake relief efforts. The first phase of the governance with 98% and the consensus check, the second phase of the governance with 99% yes votes .

In this proposal, we are asking the Uniswap community to donate 80K UNI toward the earthquake relief efforts in Turkiye.

We had initially planned to transfer donations from UniswapDAO to the Ahbab foundation, the aforementioned NGO, as in our forum or temperature check ), but Ahbab recently stopped receiving donations to its crypto wallet. Because of this, upon doing research over the web3 relief efforts in Turkiye, we decided to donate to Anka Relief, a multisig fund led by web3 industry leaders– who will direct all the funds raised to legitimate and trusted NGOs that address multiple humanitarian needs. Vitalik Buterin* also has chosen Anka Relief multisig to donate. *

Specification & Rationale

Introducing ANKA Relief Multisig Fund

Anka Relief* core team has a history of successful impact projects including Unchain Fund ( $10M for humanitarian aid in Ukraine following the full scale invasion, which launched a direct aid model that provided support to more than 400,000 people, receiving a $2.5M donation from Vitalik) and Save Pakistan Relief NFT Fundraising (which launched the first ever NFTs tied to humanitarian relief goods, distributing food, water, sanitation & shelter to thousands of people throughout the ongoing flooding crisis). *

Anka Relief has received over $210K in donations, including a 50 ETH donation from Vitalik Buterin, since its launch on February 9th and has since been working to help NGOs that are part of Afet Platformu*,** and more to open crypto donation accounts. * **

Aid collection events by NGOs are subject to prior permission of the Turkish government, except the rare exemption of being designated as “an NGO working for the public”. For that reason, funds should be donated to the accounts of legitimate NGOs directly. Considering this legal landscape, Anka is focused on onboarding these NGOs, so that crypto donations will be transferred to the crypto wallets of the chosen NGOs, which they can off-ramp to Turkish Lira via central exchanges Anka is collaborating with.

Anka Relief’s main goal is to provide support to mid-term impact focused NGOs rather than immediate humanitarian aid. Hence the multisig fund will be holding to distribute most of the funds for 4-8 weeks as on the ground research & NGO onboarding efforts continue. The organizations Anka has been largely directing its efforts so far to onboard are focused on mid and long term relief efforts, especially spanning areas of recovery, physical and mental health, women, children and vulnerable communities as well as education.

Here are the 5 NGOs that Anka has been considering to direct first batch of donations: 1.Kedv ( 2.Onemsiyoruz ( 3.AÇEV ( 4.Robotel ( 5.Needs Map (

It is important to note here that this is not the final nor exhaustive list of NGOs and Anka’s on the ground team will be evaluating high-impact organizations as on-the-ground situation evolves over the course of the next few weeks.

You can see the Anka Multisigner* list below ✨ Rene Reingsberg - Co-Founder @Celo ✨ Marek Olszewsk - Co-Founder @Celo ✨ Eva Beylin - Director @TheGraphProtocol ✨ Scott Moore - Co-founder @ Gitcoin ✨ Alona Shevchenko - Co-founder & Operational lead @ Ukraine DAO (🇺🇦, 🇺🇦) ✨ Bilal Bin Saqib - Co-founder @ & One Million Meals ✨ CJ Hetherington - Co-founder @ Atlantis World ✨ Luuk Weber - Founder @ Kolektivo ✨ Berk Sohtorik - Co-founder @ Earthist ✨ Doğa Öztüzün - Partner @ Muhabbit Capital ✨ Buğra Çelik - Board Member @ imece * . Benefits (Pros) and Our Ask:

Uniswap has unquestionably positioned itself as the leading and most trusted DEX in the world, especially by the crypto community in Turkiye!

According to similarweb data, Turkiye ranks 7th among the countries where Uniswap receives the most web traffic. In addition, the number of Turkiye-based users in the top global crypto exchanges is quite high. Users from Turkiye account for a significant portion of the global crypto trading volume, with over 8 million active crypto traders.

This kind of aid and support coming from Uniswap will be one of the largest coming from a decentralized organization and surely will not be forgotten. It will solidify Uniswap’s reputation within the Turkish crypto ecosystem.

With Uniswap co-founder Hayden Adams also supporting the Turkiye relief efforts*, the accumulated support will certainly increase Turkish community’s gratitude and loyalty to Uniswap and will also help the further localization of Uniswap in Turkiye. *

We will communicate to the Turkish crypto ecosystem, in IRL gatherings, online and beyond that this aid took place thanks to Uniswap, which is the flag bearer of decentralized organizations. Naturally, this Uniswap Proposal has already started to be talked about through word of mouth in Turkiye and people are excited about the prospect of this donation coming true.

You can find donations made by crypto exchange and blockchain platforms in this tweet. (

You can find the total aid of 11m USD(target) initiated by the local exchange here(BtcTurk) (